Wednesday, January 23, 2008

National Pie Day 2008


In honor of January 23 being National Pie Day, a group of bloggers, inspired by Tammy at The Pink Magnolia, decided to share some pie recipes. I found this one over at Tina's place, Cherry Hill Cottage. I have made it twice now and it is always a big hit. It tastes so yummy and it's easy...and I'm all about easy!! Sorry I don't have a picture..maybe next time when I make it I'll post one.

Crescent Roll Apple Pie

Bake @ 350 - 45 minutes...
1 package Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
1 granny smith apple
1 stick butter
1 cup sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. vanilla
1 cup Mountain Dew
Spray 8x8 dish with Pam. Separate Crescent Rolls, stretch out to make larger. Peel, core and cut apple into 8 pieces. Divide apple into 8 pieces. Divide apple slices onto crescents, roll up into crescents. Shape and place in dish. Mix mixture of butter, sugar, cinnamon, salt, and vanilla. Spoon onto top of crescents. Pour Mountain Dew all around rolls. Do not pour directly on tops...Bake.

You'll find many more great recipes here.


Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Hope,
I seen over at Tammy's where you had added your name, so I thought I better hurry over here and see what you had cooking. LOL. I don't want to share with anyone. LOL. Just kidding there. Your recipe sounds yummy and easy. I'm all about easy here too. Since I don't do any Sweet Baking, I shared my version of Chicken Pot Pie. It's been years since I've made it tho. "HAPPY NATIONAL PIE DAY" and "THANK YOU" for sharing your recipe with us. I'm sharing another recipe tomorrow in conjunction with Slow Cooking Thursday that I have joined. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Tammy said...

I will for sure have to try this one as Hubby loves his Mountain Dew!

Thanks for participating!

Here is to more pie!!

Lib said...

Hi Miz. Hope,
Thougt I'd come by and share a piece of pie with you. YUMMO thanks that was good.I'll have to try that. I'm NOT A Baker LOL I like quick and easy.
Hope youre having a good day:o)

Bath Cocktails said...

Hello! Thanks for coming by my blog! I think your recipe sounds wonderful! I like ANYTHING with crescent rolls! Come back soon!

Lynne said...

Hi Hope! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your pie recipe - it's easy and sounds delicious. I'll have to try it soon.

I was reading some of your older posts. First, congrats on the new grandbaby - she's beautiful, as are your other 3 grandkids.

Then I saw you mention freezing green tomatoes. How did you do that? Did you slice them first? Did you cook them at all first? Or just throw them in whole? Smart idea!

I'll be back again to read more. It's nice to connect with someone of the same age group!

joan said...

Hi Hope,

Thanks for visiting me today. Now this looks like a good pie. I've never heard of this with Moutain Dew, but boy does it sound good. I'll be back to visit for sure. Nice to meet you.

Steph said...

I had seen this recipe on Tina's at cherryhill cottage! It looked devine! I haven't made it yet, but think I better try it soon!

Betty said...

These sound so good and easy. Mountain Dew? That ingredient was a surprise to me. I wouldn't have imagined adding that in this recipe, but I guess the flavor would go good with the apple.

Anyway, sounds delicious and easy to make. I like easy, too, as I don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen - takes away from my time at the puter, lol.

bj said...

Hi, Hope..and, by the way, I do LOVE your pretty name....
thanks for coming by for a slice of pie today. How fun is this!! Your pie sounds soooo good...just gotta try it.
hugs, bj

Brandy said...

Well its in the oven!!! I just wanted to let you know that I know blogging has made me a better person. I can find inspiration and strength here. I would rather be on this site than any other that I found so far. loves ya

Artsy Etc. said...

Hello Hope! Oh YUM! This recipe sounds divine!! You must be a great cook.

Thanks for sharing!

Susie Q said...

This sounds great! It is a recipe I have never seen and am anxious to try it! This has been fun hasn't it??
Have a sweet Thursday dear Hope!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

A pie that calls for Mountain Dew! That's all my husband would need to hear for him to start asking to have that made (to say he's a Dew addict would be putting it MILDLY!). lol
All these pie recipes are NOT helping my waistline. It's not that I intend to COOK all those that I've seen today (that would NOT turn out very pretty), but it's sure making a run down to the local sweet shop sound like a great idea! And I don't really NEED help to think THAT's a great idea. lol Still...I may have to make an exception to my no-baking rule and try your recipe out. I just want to see my husband's face when I tell him it has his Dew in it!


Mary said...

This sounds both easy and delicious. I'm going to give it a try.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I hope to visit with you again soon.


Brandy said...

Made it, tried it, ate it, loved it!!! YUM Yum!

JanaBanana said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy ..I had weight watchers orange salad.How is that baby doing?

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

That sounds good too! I have found so many wonderful pie recipes today!

Brandy said...

I have you a tag challenge, come and get it. Oh and make sure you read mine! hehehe you will see why! Also I WANT A CUTE CURSOR. Fill me in on how to get it. Loves ya

Angela said...

Oh how I just love yummy, easy treats:-). This sounds absolutely divine!!!. I've copied this to try.
Thanks for sharing this..
Have a wonderful day!!!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

That pie should good (and easy) Do you think the caffeine in the Mountain Dew would affect our sleep?! I can't tolerate caffeine!


jennifer said...

Man Hope, where have I been? All these posts that I haven't seen. I'm glad that we've chatted lately or I would feel like we've lost touch. The only pie I can make is a mud pie. If I get to eat a slice of pie, it is store bought or my mom made it. Now cakes? I can bake a mean birthday cake. I will be better about checking in. Jennifer

jennifer said...

Oh, and this is one recipe that I will probably try, even though I am not a cook. - Jennifer