Thursday, February 7, 2008

Josie and sunshine..

As you all know, since baby Josie's birth 3 weeks ago, Dave has been under the weather. He was sick with flu-like symptoms when she was born and since then has had the blood clot to deal with. Yesterday the doctor released him to go back to work and since we had a few hours before he was to be called to work, we decided he could finally go to see the baby. Here is Dave holding our granddaughter for the first time. As you can see, it was love at first sight!

Josie and Uncle Dave Feb

She is growing and doing so well. She listens intently when you talk to her and tries to follow voices, especially the ones she recognizes like Mommy and Daddy's. She is such a sweet and cuddley baby!

We were having thunderstorms yesterday when we went for our visit. On the way home, the rain stopped and the sun popped out for a while from behind the clouds and touched the mountaintops.

sun on mountain

I took this picture from the back of our house to try and avoid all the power lines. If you look over the top of houses and into the distance you can see our big mountain.

sun on mountain 2

After the drought we had in the summer we still need lots of rain and I'm thankful for it. But when it stops for a while it's as if God is smiling down on us. :)