Monday, January 28, 2008

New/Old Treasures

I want to share a couple of Dave's new finds. First is this old wooden sled which we are told was used to haul supplies, etc. DH wanted me to tell you that he decorated it! :) Please disregard the ugly film on the mirror. This is what happens when you are a blogaholic!! That's my story (excuse) anyway and I'm stickin' to it!! I took one picture and realized that my scary reflection was in the mirror! I know I've already showed you some frightening pictures of me but this one was bad....bed-head and all!! So I took another picture and this time ducked down behind the greenery!! :) The mirror, by the way, was one we found in Vermont for 2 bucks!

wooden sled 2

Next is this cool, old wooden tray. It appears to be homemade but is really nice. It has black, wrought iron handles and the rooster and chicken picture is what appears to be a piece of border. You can also see part of my collection of crocks and crock bowls in this picture.

rooster tray2

Every day is like Christmas here with Dave finding new treasures. The hard part is finding room for them all. I love finding new uses for old things, you know, the Second Time Around!

Edited to add:

Blogger keeps cutting off my picture on the right side. I have so much room on either side of the page but everything is crammed in the center. When I do my post and preview it everything looks good. Then I go to my blog page and it's all cut off! If anyone knows how to fix this I would appreciate any advice!

I always choose the medium sized pics to post here and now have done the small. There is a big difference in the size but it does show the whole picture! Maybe I just need to resize the pics beforehand!! Thanks to all who tried to help!


This is a picture test:

rooster tray 3

wooden sled 3