Monday, December 10, 2007

Immanuel (The Kings' King)

Last night I went to the Christmas Cantata at my daughter Jenny's church. It was just beautiful and I wanted to share a little clip of them singing Immanuel (The Kings' King). Jenny is a deaf interpreter and is seen here sitting on the left of the stage signing the song as they sing. I am very proud of her and the work she is doing. She always has such a serene look on her face when she's signing. Her friend, Joy, also an interpreter, is on the right of the stage signing some of the songs. I could never get in a position to get a good picture of her signing but I did get a picture of the two of them before the service started:

Joy and Jenny 2

They seem to have shadows around their heads, I'm thinking maybe halos?? and not my poor photography. Besides, the lighting was set up for the program and not my photos!! (Joy on left, Jenny right) These girls also are in a deaf ministry group called "Hands of Vision". It is really something to see when they are singing praises to the Lord with their hands. Very moving.

Some of the youth group did a little skit with the manger scene to go along with the singing program. My handsome grandson, Collin, was one of the shepherds. He is the one on the left. One of the shepherds seems to be a little camera shy!! :)

Collin the shepherd

Ain't he just the cutest little shepherd?? You can't see them here but this boy has some killer dimples!!

I hope you enjoy watching this. This is my first time putting a video on my blog so let's hope it works! Keep in mind that this is just a little country church but I think they have an exceptional choir and many great voices!