Friday, December 7, 2007

A few more good men..snowmen that is

I have a few more snowmen to show you today. This little fellow:
snowman 2
A primitive stocking that Dave found recently while junkin'
primitive stocking
I have several snowman throws some of which you can see on my house pics. These are just a couple of my many, many snowman throw pillows:
snoman throw pillows
Dave's personal favorite is these little snowbells that adorn our tree every year for many years now:
Last but certainly not least, this treasure was made for me years ago by my niece, Kaycie. She wanted to make me something so she just used what she had available. She also knew I loved snowmen! The cute part is that she wanted to write the words in red but didn't have red paint. The next best thing was nail polish!! Cute way to improvise, huh?
Kaycie snowman
I know, I know, enough with the snowmen until next year! Unless of course I find another one this year that just has to come home with me......