Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I've been tagged...several days ago....

Hello again!! I'm back, at least for a while. Hopefully things have settled down with me. I have missed all of you and have tried to visit each one briefly to catch up. Thank you for all the baby love, well wishes and prayers.

Several days ago, Lib tagged me for a meme of 7 random or weird things about me! Since you already know that 7 doesn't even begin to cover weirdness about me, maybe we'll do random!! LOL Anyway, here goes:

1. Playing tag was my favorite game as a child!! Thanks, Lib, for inviting me to play again!

2. I was born over 60 years ago at my aunt's house. I was the last of 6 children and my mother had the first 5 children at home. She was close to 40 when she was pregnant with me and her doctor insisted that she at least get closer to the hospital since she refused to go into the hospital! So she went to my aunt's house and gave birth to me there. My Aunt Claudie gave me my beautiful name, Hope.

3. My Uncle Jim fed me gravy when I was 2 days old!! Could that be why I have a weight problem today??

4. I have a brown birthmark on the inside of my arm near the elbow which looks like a sweet potato. My mother always said it was because she craved sweet potatoes the whole 9 months she was pregnant with me.

5. At the ripe old age of five, I fell in love with a man in his 20's. Obviously that didn't work out, but I never forgot him! :)

6. I grew up wanting to live in the city...anywhere but these mountains. Now I don't want to be anywhere else. They are my haven and security.

7. I have been a Child of the King for over 30 years. His Royal Blood flows through my veins and He loves me unconditionally!

I think now I'm suppose to tag 7 other people. Most of you have already been tagged for this meme so I have tried to pick some of the newer bloggers:

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Rules: Link back to the person who tagged you. List 7 weird or random things about yourself. Tag 7 people and link to them.