Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Then there were four...

I am still not totally recouped from all the excitement!! I use to be such a night owl and had no problem staying up all night. Now it just seems to wipe me out. Besides that, it had been a long time since I had pulled an all-nighter!! I did manage to visit most of your blogs a little last night, then back to bed! I'm sure you will agree with me though that Josie was well worth the loss of sleep.

My daughter, Jenny, left a comment yesterday asking me to tell you that she is a proud GranSissy!! Kian gave her that name when he was little. Willie always called her Sis growing up so she wanted Kian to just call her Sissy instead of Aunt Jenny. He was always getting confused and would start to call her Granny, then would say Sissy right after so it became GranSissy!! It stuck and she loves the name. Here's GranSissy, my firstborn, holding her long awaited niece:

GranSissy and Josie

There is nothing more precious to a mother's eyes than seeing her own children holding their children. Here is my baby holding his baby:

My baby holding his baby

I talked to Kian on the phone yesterday and he says his baby sister is so cute and he thinks she's a keeper!! Collin and Claire can't wait to meet their new cousin.

And so my legacy lives on! Two wonderful children that have made me so proud and now four very precious grandchildren. More pictures to come as soon as I get everybody together.