Monday, March 3, 2008

Feeling unnessary..

I've mentioned before that my mother had a strange way with words. One thing I can remember her saying was, "I feel so unnessary!" I learned at a young age to "read" my mother but I never fully understood this statement until I was older. I realize now that she was in a state of limbo..not feeling well enough to keep going but not bad enough to sit down and quit or just go to bed. Well, that's the state I'm in right now...feeling unnessary!

I've never been one to frequent my doctor's office. I'm more of a wait and see what happens kind of person. I started having symptoms which I thought was just a virus and I'd wait it out. Then came even more symptoms until I could wait no longer. I went to my doctor on Friday and he officially pronounced me diabetic! I've been teetering on the border for several years now. He seems to think that all these symptoms stemmed from my messed up blood sugar levels. So he put me on medication which my body seems to have a problem adjusting to. He said it might take some time so I'm waiting it out again.

I told Betty in an email last night about what's going on with me. She had noticed that I wasn't online as much or blogging as much. She told me she would be praying for me, but reminded me of the wonderful prayer group we have in Blogland and that I really should ask for your prayers. So here I am, asking. Basically, I'm asking you to pray that my body will adjust to this medication soon and that I'll be able to turn around all my bad eating habits. I've been on diets off and on for many years but this is a whole new ballgame to me.

Thank you, my friends, for always being there and praying. A special thank you to Betty for giving me a nudge!