Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One more award!

greatblogs2007 Grams

Ok, one more time!! Grams has given me this other wonderful award. She says I inspire her!! I'm overwhelmed! Thank you so much Grams. You, my friend, are the inspiration!

I'm inspired by so many wonderful women on these blogs. You know who you are. I visit you every day to be uplifted in body and soul. You faithfully come here to comment and encourage me and you'll probably never know in this life what this has done for me. I thank you all for that.

Sometimes, though, you have one specific person on your heart that you feel might need uplifting. I would like to pass this award along to Karen H., my sweet weather girl. Karen is so kind and encouraging to all and is truly an inspiration.

Thanks again to Brandy, Lib and Grams for my awards. I treasure them all.

A New Blog Award

Blog award from Lib

I got another award!! It seems Lib is trying to help get me out of the embarassing situation I got myself in when some of my little skeletons came flying out of the closet!! It's all in fun, folks!! I don't really have skeletons!! :)

Seriously though, this blog award means so much, especially coming from Lib because I feel the same way about her. Thanks so much, Lib for coming to my rescue (wink) and for thinking of me.

New blog award!


I received a new, mean sweet.. blog award from my mean sweet.. little niece, Brandy!! Seriously I think it is so cute and I'm so glad she thinks of me in this think! LOL

Anyway, there's a funny story behind this award. You already knew there was a story coming, right?? You know me too well!! :)

After reading my post about "poor ole Darty", Lib and I were chatting via email. She was still laughing about the big mean STORY..I told. We had discussed before about how we'd like to meet and go junkin together. Lib said it probably wouldn't do for us to get together and go junkin cause we would probably get kicked out of the stores, meaning because we would be laughing so hard! I made the comment to her that I was also given to peeing my pants if I got tickled and laughed too hard. Then later I get this comment from Brandy telling me to come to her blog and pick up a "special" award she has for me. Do you see a pattern forming here?? LOL

I think I'm starting to get a bad reputation. But now that the truth is out there in the universe I can't call it back. So now you know that I tell lies and I pee my pants. But that's as far as I'm going with this. No more of my dark secrets will I put out there least for now. Well..maybe next week in another post! What can I say...I'm just an open book!! :)

Thank you, Brandy, for this special (and I use the term loosely!) award and the laughs too.

Tobi and the mountain

Well, folks, I finally got out of the house and away from the computer yesterday to visit family in TN. It was a beautiful sunny day here too, perfect for a drive. I took my handy, dandy little camera with intentions of giving you another tour. The problem was, we were driving into the sun the whole time and on the interstate most of that time so I either got a glare from the sun on everything or just a blur as I tried to take pictures of things in passing. I do want to show you a couple of attempted pictures of Chimney Top Mountain. My mother grew up right smack dab on the top of this mountain in a log cabin. My uncle took us up there once years ago when I was just a kid. The old cabin was still standing but I cried when I saw that what was once my mother's home was being used as a barn to hang tobacco in.

I waited until a little cloud covered the sun for a minute and snapped this picture:

Chimney Top Mtn.

As you can see, what I mostly got was the electric wires!! You can see the tall, smoky looking mountain that comes to a peak. Then after we got off the interstate to a country road I took this one:

Chimney Top Mtn

This time I got mostly the trees in the foreground. Since this mountain can be seen almost from the time we cross the state line and from most areas in East TN
you would think I could get one good view of it. Oh well, maybe next trip.


This morning I had to venture out again to take my dog, Tobi, for her grooming. I've mentioned to you before that I have a dog but you haven't seen pictures of her yet. There is a reason for this...Tobi is very camera shy! Actually, it's more than that. She has camera FEAR! If she even sees the camera in my hand she runs to the bedroom and hides! Tobi is a little Lhasa Apsa who came to live with us 2 years ago. She had been an outside dog and because this breed grows hair all the way down to the ground, she stayed a matted mess! With Tobi and me it was love at first sight. I could always appreciate animals from a distance, but I actually have a fear of them up close and personal. But it was different with her. Tobi will be 14 this year and she's still very spry for an old woman especially when she gets to go for her walk to the park! She is a somewhat high maintenance old girl, with the hair, allergies, skin problems, but we love her and she's worth it all to us. Since she was all clean and had a new haircut, I wanted to try and sneak a picture to show you. I can't let her see the camera or she'll run away and I can't use the flash because I won't see her the rest of the day if I do, but I managed to get a decent picture:

Tobi 2008

She is such a sweetie and has big brown eyes that will melt your heart! As soon as I snapped the first picture and tried to take another, here's what I got:

Tobi new haircut 2008

Then she ran away to the bedroom!! I know how she feels. I don't like having my picture taken much either, even when I have a new hairdo!!