Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One more award!

greatblogs2007 Grams

Ok, one more time!! Grams has given me this other wonderful award. She says I inspire her!! I'm overwhelmed! Thank you so much Grams. You, my friend, are the inspiration!

I'm inspired by so many wonderful women on these blogs. You know who you are. I visit you every day to be uplifted in body and soul. You faithfully come here to comment and encourage me and you'll probably never know in this life what this has done for me. I thank you all for that.

Sometimes, though, you have one specific person on your heart that you feel might need uplifting. I would like to pass this award along to Karen H., my sweet weather girl. Karen is so kind and encouraging to all and is truly an inspiration.

Thanks again to Brandy, Lib and Grams for my awards. I treasure them all.


Betty said...

Congratulations, Hope, on receiving this award. You truly do have a great and inspiring blog.

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Hope,
"THANK YOU" so much for this Award. I was able to do a post this morning and have posted it on my today's post. I am so honored that you chose me to receive this Award. You inspire me as well. I love visiting you and am so glad I found you. "CONGRATULATION'S" on you reveiving this Award as well. You truly derserve it. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H. said...

Thank you for your kind words! I am so glad you enjoyed and liked your awards!! Three in one day!! I am so glad you gave it to Karen she is neat!! Love and Hugs Grams said...

Well, I got another award today!! No Kidding!! It is a FUN award so when you have time come on over and pick it up!! Love and Hugs Grams