Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy things..

I called this morning to check on Josie and I'm happy to report that she had a good, restful night. Mommy and Daddy are a little tired from being at the hospital, worried and losing sleep but doing better today too. Thank you again, my friends, for your prayers.

On another happy note, I want to share Dave's new find (my new treasure) with you. He found this little enamel top table at the flea market at a great price, as usual! He thinks it needs to be painted...I think it just needs to be scrubbed and left looking chippy. What do you think?

red table

Usually when you find a table like this it's just that..a lone table. This time there was an added bonus...two little white chairs with the matching red accents.

red chair

The chairs had been covered with the red and white checks which I think says "farmhouse"!

red chair 2

Our kitchen is not big enough to be an eat-in kitchen but this table and chairs are small enough to fit plus we will have extra seating if we need it. I think it will be nice when spring comes and we can have our coffee here at this little table in front of the open window! Ahhh...Spring....