Thursday, February 14, 2008


From my heart to yours...



I am so exited to share this with you. My package from Pea's giveaway has arrived here in VA just in time for Valentine's Day! Dave went to the post office and came back carrying a package. He put it on the table and was ready to tear into it and I yelled, "NO! I have to take pictures!"

Pea 1

Then I let him tear into the package while I took more pictures:

Pea 2

Look what came spilling out of the petals and a red envelope with a red rose!

Pea 3

Pea 4

Just look at the pretty tissue paper with the pretty hearts edging:

Pea 5

Dave and I both oohed and aahed as we took each goody from the box. Then I arranged them all on my old sideboard to try and get a good picture. Believe me, the picture doesn't do justice to all these treasures!

Pea 6

Let's see, there was the cutest little bear holding a red heart box, little sundae candles, pink roses floating candles, a sweet little key chain with a glittery little purse attached, a pair of soft, warm socks with hearts on them, a box of maple cream cookies, a package of french vanilla truffle hot chocolate mix, Peeps hearts..strawberry creme flavored and a package of party napkins with hearts!! I will be enjoying all these treats for days to come..if I limit myself and DH!!

Then I opened the little red heart box that the bear was holding. More surprises! There was something wrapped in cellophane and I spotted a little card stuck in the top that said, "Made by Pea"! I knew instantly what it was:

Pea 7

Pea's wonderful homemade assorted chocolates!!

Pea 9

I had to sample one right away...oh my..melt in your mouth chocolate with nuts inside:

Pea 10

Is your mouth watering yet? :o)

Of course, Dave felt like he was also entitled to sample since he brought the package to me:


Then he sampled again, and again..telling me each time what flavor he got..until I made him stop! "Save some for later...savor them a little!" (Which in Hope speak means..get out of my chocolates..they're all mine!! LOL)

Last, but certainly not least, was a little hand-written, heart-shaped note from Pea.

Pea 8

Pea, I can't thank you enough for this wonderful package and for totally making my Valentine's Day so very special!!

Most of you know Pea already but if you don't you MUST visit her fun blog. Besides having fantastic giveaways, Pea is just an all-around good friend and Canadian neighbor. Thanks again, Pea, and I do hope your Valentine's Day is as sweet as you've made mine!