Friday, April 11, 2008

Still here...

Yes, I'm still alive and kicking...well, alive anyway! I want to thank each of you dear friends who have lifted me up in prayer and thank you for each sweet comment left. It is so nice to hear that I have been missed. I really am doing a lot better this week. My body is slowly but surely adjusting to my blood sugar meds, thank the Lord! My count would be over 200 then drop suddenly after I took a pill, which caused me to get the shakes, sweats and nausea. No fun at all!! The time I've been spending on the computer has been research on diabetes and diet and I've learned a lot! The good news is, I have lost 6 pounds and still eating well!!

I especially want to thank Jo for all the emails and advice on diabetes. She has been so helpful to me and even did a post on her blog, Bits and Pieces, telling about her struggle with this disease. If you haven't already read this post, you can go here to read it. Thank you, Jo, for caring enough to help me and especially for letting me know that I'm not alone
in this. Also for letting me know that it's okay to obsess over it a little! :O)

Now on to happier things! We have had beautiful weather here this week with temps in the upper 70's. I think it might have even gone into the low 80's today! Dogwood winter is getting ready to set in so another cold snap is due. I've really been enjoying the warmth and sunshine while it's here. My flowers aren't blooming yet but my yard is blessed with wildflowers, dandelions and violets...

violets and dandelions 2

violets and dandelions 1


and even some weeds that look pretty to me!


Last year the grandkids got me a lilac bush for Mother's Day. Lilacs are my favorite! All during the drought we had last summer I watered the little bush faithfully but it kept looking so bad. Even before fall came it had lost all it's leaves and looked like a dried up twig. Dave suggested once that we just needed to pull it up...there was no hope for it...but "hope" is my middle name (pun intended! LOL), so it stayed put!! This spring we have had a lot of rain and plenty of sunshine and my little lilac bush is thriving and now getting ready to bloom! I will take pictures as soon as it does!

I'm going to try and get around to visit all of you and catch up. I know I have missed a lot so it will take me a while! Much love, Hope!