Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Old photos...OLD???

I was sitting here one night not long around just browsing on the net, not really looking for anything in particular, when I happened upon our local Historical Society webpage. I found this site very interesting. It had old photos of our little town, old school buildings present and past, some which no longer exist, including the one where I went to grade school. My school, along with most other buildings in the little town where I grew up, was destroyed by a big flood back in the 70's.

my school

Notice the old cars? See that big sycamore tree to the right? I use to be allowed to dust out the erasers on the trunk of this tree. Every child in class would beg to do this chore just for a short reprieve from the classroom.

There was so much on this site that I spent hours looking and looking...way into the night...all the old places that I recognized, some that I didn't because they were before my time. There were pictures of many, many people, also some I recognized and some I didn't, some I had heard my parents talk about but never met. After I had scoured the many pages listed by categories, I found MISCELLANEOUS! What could this one be? When, what to my wondering eyes should appear?? This:


Yep, there I was in black and white...most of the white being the petticoat I was modeling that day!! (Another little meme fact that I omitted before: I hate wearing clothes!! lol) That's my mother holding my hand.

You can imagine my surprise. This was a photo from the collection of a man I never knew and also a photo that I had never seen before!! I'm going to have to investigate this further!! And, did I say OLD photos??