Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good news...

Josie is going home today at noon!! Praise the Lord! I talked to my son this morning and he said she was doing great! I know so many of you were praying for her and you'll never know how much this has meant to me. What a great prayer line all made possible by blogs and blog friends that I've met here. It never ceases to amaze me! Just a couple of examples: Yesterday Jennifer sent me an email and prayed with me in the email! Then I got a comment from Karen saying she was praying for Josie. She asked me to stop by when I could and see her newly decorated blog. While I was having my morning coffee, I stopped in to see, and found that Karen was praying right there on her blog for Mary's daughter and for Josie, and I wept..a sweet release to me! Such an humble prayer that I know came straight from her heart to God's ears. While Karen has had some hardships of her own recently, she unselfishly cares for others. To me this is what Christianity is all about. We can sit on church pews Sunday after Sunday, but if we aren't uplifting each other in prayer or just a simple word of kindness along the way, what good are we doing?

A new bloggy friend, Betty at Country Charm, that I met just recently has given me
an award. She is a sweet lady and has become one of my daily habits! :o) Thank you, Betty, for this honor and for thinking of me as a best blogging buddy.

Mary%27s+Blogging+Award--From Betty

I want all of you to know you're the BEST and I want each of you to have this award. Please take this award and know that even though I'm not naming you all individually,
it comes from my heart and I ask God to bless my Bloggy Friends.