Monday, March 10, 2008

My birthday boy...

Today my baby boy turns 35 years old. How can that be when just yesterday I was 35? :O) My how time does fly. Willie came into this world weighing 9 lbs. 11 1/2 oz. and was 22 1/2 inches long! I often tease him and say that if he had been born first he would have been an only child! It was rough carrying him especially since I'm so short and he had no room to move, but move he did!! He made up for all this discomfort by being a really good baby, so jolly and happy and always smiling...unless he was hungry, then I heard about it!

My son has grown into a fine young man and I'm very proud of him. He has been a soldier and is now a police officer. He's a good son and little brother to Jenny:

Me and my babies

He's a good husband to Angie and father to Kian:

Kian, Willie and Angie on train

And as you all know, he just recently became a father again when Josie came into the world:

My baby holding his baby

He has been playing drums since he was 4 years old and continues to play with a local band called Spank:


As you can see, the fruits of my "labor" have paid off!! Happy Birthday, Willie! I love you and I would do it all over again!!