Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Reason for the Season

nativity sized

I am by nature a big cut-up and goofball. I've always been the clown. But I do have a serious side.

I come before you now, all my wonderful, new bloggy friends that I grow more fond of with each post or comment, my old and dear friends and my wonderful family and precious grandchildren, to all who tune in to my little blog, to tell you about the Greatest Gift I've ever received...the gift of Salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. He has been the Constant in my life no matter how far I've wandered off the straight and narrow or how much I've failed Him. He is right there by my side and loves me unconditionally.

Constantly Aware is an old song that has always meant a lot to me. "Constantly aware that He is everywhere". I see Him... in the beauty of nature all around me. I see Him in the faces of my sweet grandchildren. I see Him in Jenny's hands as she signs silent praises to Him. I see Him in my son, the policeman, who tries to always be so stern but can be brought to his knees when touched by a Christmas play. I see Him in the friends who have come into my life. I hear Him... in the laughter, the voices of those I love. I hear Him in the voice of my dear son-in-law as he asks the blessing over our food and never fails, just before the amen, to add, "I love You, Lord!", and my heart agrees.

At times He does things for me to touch my old, sometimes hardened-by-life heart, like painting this beautiful picture for me as I sit alone on my back porch, and I smile..

sky view from back porch

How can I not thank Him for all these blessings? How can I not thank Him and praise Him, especially in this joyous season, for all He has done for me and for my undeserved gift of eternal life.

"Thank you, Lord, for giving me peace in my life and especially the peace in my heart! Peace that is beyond all understanding! I love You, Lord!"