Monday, January 19, 2009

Once again...catching up....

Hello again and a late Happy New Year to all of is still the New Year..right? :) I thought I'd better fill you in on what's been going on with me so you won't think I left the planet again!

I was having some minor health issues which started after Christmas. I started having pain in my left ribs which wasn't all that bad (it only hurt when I breathed) and also my ears plugged up and were ringing constantly which then turned into a roar. That, in turn made me dizzy. I was sure it was just a sinus infection and as usual for me, I put off going to the doctor. Neither symptom got any better so I gave in and went to Urgent Care one evening. The doc that I saw there said my ears were clear (???) but my sinuses were inflamed. Then she did an x-ray and said there were no broken ribs but she thought I had bruised them somehow and it would take time for them to feel better. She gave me antibiotics and said my regular doctor would follow up with all this.

The next day she called to tell me she had taken another look at my x-ray and found a couple of nodules on my right lung and was making me an appointment for a CT Scan which I had. I went to my regular doc the next day and he told me the spots were infection in my lung. Just to be safe he wanted to do another scan in a couple of months just to be sure. So all was well and I was relieved.

Then today I get another call from the Urgent care doc saying she had made me an appointment with a lung specialist for tomorrow. She just wanted to make sure everything was okay. So I said fine and wrote the appointment down. Then about 30 minutes later she calls me back and says she forgot to tell me they also found an enlarged blood vessel on my liver and she was sending a referral to my doctor to have me see a specialist for that!!!! My doctor had read the scan results and didn't seem concerned so I think she is just being cautious. I have a call in to my doctor because I want to know what she is seeing that he obviously didn't...but we'll see what happens.

In the meantime, I hope all is well with all of you and everyone is staying warm. We are getting a little snow here today but no accumulation. We had about an inch this morning and up to 3 inches in the higher elevations. I know some of you are sick of snow but it's exciting for me!! :) I took Tobi for her walk earlier while the snow was coming down pretty good. It amazes me how quiet everything seems when it's snowing. It's so peaceful!

I need to go start my supper now so ya'll take care and I'll try to visit soon.