Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Latest found treasure

Dave comes home almost daily with a new found treasure. Every day is like Christmas! This one I think he brought to me just to keep his own sanity. I have had many, many paper towel holders that I just haven't been pleased with. Nothing irritates me more than trying to pull off one paper towel and the whole roll comes flying at you, so I keep looking for the perfect one! So when Dave brought this beauty in I was so excited...and it was red too!! Perfect for my kitchen! Also a bonus..the upper slot held wax paper! We had a partial roll of towels and immediately put them in the holder and tried them out. ONE towel rolled out perfectly and ONE towel tore off. PERFECT!! I was so happy! Then the partial roll was gone and I brought out a replacement. To my dismay the big roll would not fit in the slot.

Do they even make the smaller rolls anymore, I wondered? How old was this little red gem? As far back as the 30's, 40's? Did they even have paper towels back then? So I did a little research and found that this invention came about accidentally. You can read about it here if you are interested. Bottom line, paper towels were officially introduced to the public in 1931 but did not

gain acceptance until later. So I'm guessing red probably didn't come into play until late 30's at least. The question still remains..will I be able to find smaller rolls? Will this turn into an educational blog where readers can come and find much trivial tidbits to ponder on? Tune in and see..