Thursday, February 28, 2008

A book, awards, fun and games...

My book arrived today from Karla at Ramblin' Roads! She thought I might be a "rattled" Granny since I haven't taken care of a baby in 8 years! Thank you so much Karla. I know this little book is going to come in handy!


I received this award from my new buddy and hammered dulcimer player, Mike at Rambling Stuff. Thank you, Mike. I'm honored that you thought of me. If you haven't visited Mike yet, go on over and say hello. He has a link to a video of a very talented girl playing the hammered dulcimer.


The following awards are from my sweet friend and coffee buddy, Karen at Karen's Korner. I love to tease Karen about visiting everybody very early in the morning and drinking all the coffee before I get there! We have had lots of fun with that one! Thank you so much, Karen, for passing these along. I will treasure all these awards!

Friendship%2BBanner+from+Amanda+on+2-22-08 Karen

FriendsAward+from+Robin+on+2-20-08 Karen

Nice+Matters+Award+from+Cielo+on+2-26-08 Karen

When I did this post with a list of my weirdness, one thing on my list was the fact that I can write backwards. Karen commented that I should show this talent on my blog sometime! Okay, Karen, you asked for it! Here's a sample:


Now get those hand mirrors out and tell me what it says! Maybe some of you have the talent to read backwards which would be helpful here! Then after you've done that fun game, look at this 3D stereogram and see if you can see the picture within a picture:

power vision

Have a fun Thursday, all.