Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm back...

I am back in Blogland today! Hopefully things will get back to at least semi-normal now. My company left this morning. Dave is doing better and is hoping to be released by the doctor today to go back to work. They are still trying to regulate his blood thinner and he should find out today how that is doing. Thank you all for your prayers.

I have been keeping a tight rein on Dave for a week..keeping his leg elevated. Over the weekend I gave him a reprieve to go to an auction and of course he went nuts and bought a truckload of stuff which we didn't need. But he did find one item that we've been wanting for a long old sideboard!! We had found several with BIG price tags so we kept looking to find a cheaper one. A couple of month ago he went to a flea market and found a huge buffet. The same dealer had 2 bookshelves that we had also been looking for. She told Dave if he bought the bookshelves that she would throw in the buffet for free!! It was too big and not what I wanted but we have been using it. Here is a picture of our mismatched dining room with the monster buffet taken just after Christmas:

dining room

As you can see, not one piece of our furniture matches. We bought the table with no chairs, then he found a set of 6 tiger oak chairs and bought them. Then he called from the auction and said he was bidding on an old sideboard made of tiger oak. I never know what I'm getting but this time he got it right! Here is the new/old sideboard:


It has a few dings but that's to be expected for an old piece especially at a good price! I love the old, original mirror in the back. I couldn't get a decent picture yet and we haven't moved out the monster to make room for the new one. It's in front of the fireplace right now. I'll take more pics when I get it all situated. I just couldn't wait to share it with you.

I'm off now to catch up with each of you and see what's happening in your world. I know there's been a lot of sickness going around and I hope you're all better now.