Monday, February 18, 2008

Prayer needed for Josie

Update on Josie:
My son called earlier this evening and said the doctor had ruled out RSV or the flu. He thinks now it's just some sort of virus. He said they tried to start an IV to keep her from dehydrating but after sticking her 6 times, couldn't get one started! They gave her Pedialite in a bottle which she drank and kept down. She is a breast fed baby so the fact that she took the bottle is a miracle in itself. Then later this evening my son called my daughter and said they put her back on milk and she was keeping it in too. They are keeping her overnight just to be on the safe side but may let her go home tomorrow if nothing changes.

Thank you all so very much for your prayers. I knew I could count on you to be there for me. I know some of you had already visited my blog and commented before I posted this prayer request. Please continue to pray for her that she will keep improving.

Saturday evening my son called and said they needed my help. The baby had been awake all night on Friday night and they hadn't had any sleep. I went up there and spent Saturday night with them. She had a lot of gas and was sneezing some. After I got there she seemed to be fine and slept 5 hours straight. When I left there yesterday she was temperature, not fussy, just resting good. Then last night he called and said she got worse and had a fever of 99.3 and was vomiting. He said she sounded congested too. They talked to a nurse practioner and she told them to keep a check on the fever. If it went to 100 they needed to take her to the hospital. They made it through the night okay but took her to her pediatrician this morning. My son just called and said they were putting her in the hospital to run some tests because she may have RSV.

I ask that you please pray for my baby. When they are that young you don't know what's wrong and it's scary. I know I can count on you all. I have 2 grandchildren out of school for the holiday here with me today so I'll go to the hospital later on. He's going to keep me informed and I'll try to let you all know something as soon as I can.