Thursday, January 10, 2008

Join the Club's Blogaholics Anonymous Award!

Ok, so this is not exactly an award. Well I think it started out as an award and morphed into a club or group. It is the Blogaholics Anonymous Award given to me by Grams. Now I really don't know what gave Grams the idea that I needed this. I mean, just because I have to check my comments first thing in the morning before my coffee has dripped and I still have those night cobwebs in my brain, and just because my laundry is piled up and my house is a wreck, and there is no contact with friends or family unless they blog or read my blog...could this really mean I need help? Is there a 12-step program for this addiction?? Well, Grams, here is my statement: Hello, my name is Hope and I'm a BLOGAHOLIC!!

I know there are several if not all on my sidebar that need to join this club. The award originated from Melanie at Livin' With Me. She has a handy code to copy and paste on your blog. Then just leave her a comment and she will add your name to the Blogaholics Blogroll. I pass this to Lib, Karen H., Brenda, Brandy, Penny, Peggy and Pea.

Thank you, Grams for all the fun you pass along!


Melanie said...

I've added you to the Blogaholics blogroll. Welcome to the club.
Livin' With Me said...

Wasn't this fun!! I got tickled reading your post!! Sounded like me! I tell my family read my blog!! :) Love Grams

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Hope!
Thanks for the "award"!