Thursday, January 10, 2008

National Delurking Week


Pea passed the word along that Jan. 7-13 is National Delurking Week. I don't know about the rest of you but I was once a lurker( wasn't I Pea?? :) It doesn't make you a bad person or anything, just a person who is shy about commenting. It took me a while to come out of hiding and leave a comment but, do you know what I found out? These ladies were so nice and seemed so genuinly glad that I left them a comment! I don't know if I expected them to say, "You git off my land and don't you ever come back", or seek their dog on me or something! Well they didn't and they won't. Neither will I. So if you are visiting my little blog today please take the time to let me know you're here and at least say hello in a comment.

I have three lurkers that I know of and I'll take this opportunity to say hello to them: "Hello" to Jennifer in Florida and Mary and Kaycie in New Jersey!! Love you all and wish you would leave me a comment sometime!! I feel like the Romper Room lady, remember her? With her magic mirror in hand, "I see Mary in New Jersey, Jennifer in Florida...." lol

If you'll go over and see Pea, she has several of these little caption you can choose from to use on your blog.


Rachel Going said...

Hope thank you for commenting on my blog. Yours is beautiful. I didn't know this was national deluring week. Your heading on your blog is so cute. Love the wording. Rachel

Rachel Going said...

P.S.OOPS. I do know how to spell lurking. Just moving to fast.

Denise said...

Good Morning Hope! Thank you for sharing your life with us! I found you through Rachel's blog who I found through Karla's blog! I've known them both since we were little girls and was SO excited to reconnect with Karla when I found her (after nearly twenty years of being out of touch) in Blogland!
I'll add you to may favorite blogs and enjoy visiting you often!

Christie said...

Girl, you know I lurk you everyday.

Lib said...

Hi Hope,
Guess I better stop being a lurker and leave you
I do enjoy your blog so much and Love our visits.
Have aBlessed day!

Anonymous said...

Well... ummm at least you have some. It sounds nuts I know and I don't mean this in a bad way, but I have none here. I have lived here ten years. I am always out going and never meet a stranger. I go out alone.. eat and shop and offer my deco and organization for free and they never call. Ladies here are not friendly like my Louisiana friends.We live in an upscale area.. lots of doctors and lawyers and all their wives wanna do is look young.. see who can have more surgery . It is truley a spirit over this area. The men golf and have drinks and the women dress like their daughters. I am not like that. I am me.. I love and helping the elderly so my online friends are more like me. No one here rummages. If you do they think you are a nobody. So crazy! So Ill be right out.

Karla said...

I followed Rachel and Denise over... and had to de-lurk, too! Have a great day! Hope you get lots of de-lurking comments.

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Hope,
Well, I did go back to bed this morning. LOL. I had just layed down and DH called and wanted me to go up town and tend to some business for him, so I had to venture out in the rain. I did come back and I got me a nap. I'm just waking back up. LOL. I gots to have my Beauty Sleep. LOL. I posted about the Lurking Week also. Alot of things here in blogland I have never heard of before. Oh well, you live and you learn huh? Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Peggy said...

I read you everyday but don't post comments often. I really am glad you decided to blog!

Betty said...

OMG Hope, you are so funny.

After reading your post I'm afraid to not leave a comment on everyone's blog that I visit. They might track me down like you did these three people. Leaves me wondering how you know they've been lurking. I'm scared!!

Betty Crocker

Tammy said...

I do remember the Romper Room lady...LOL!

As I was just tellin' Lib who blogged about I am private and I've got lurkers too! I mean they requested an invite and accepted, they just have never commented...go figure?!

I'm of the opinion that some of them lurkers best stay hid...some of them ain't so nice...which is one of the reasons I'm!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love it! National Delurker Day! I started out full bang! I was never a lurking, but I am one of those people who leap before I look all of the time! Most of the time it works out...

And yes, I do remember Roomper room. Are you a DoBee?

PEA said...

You're more than welcome for the heads up about it being delurking week...I almost missed it myself! lol Yup, I sure do remember Romper Room...I remember this one time when she said "I see Carole"...I ran in the kitchen yelling "Mom she saw me, she saw me!!!" lol xoxo

Anonymous said...

Since I do lurk, I thought I'd say Hi, Hope!

~Another Hope

Anonymous said...

Guess who styaed in Virginia lastnight? =( not me, but Rian. He stopped over to sleep on his way to Nashville to tryout for that CMT show.
Okay.. the waffle sounds great.I like pecan with strawberries on top. yum yum.

Sandra Evertson said...

Hoo Hoo!
Great Funny Post!
Sandra Evertson