Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have been tagged by my buddy Karen H. to do a MeMe of 15 reasons why it's great to be me! This MeMe began with Jan at Bold &Free because she didn't want to dwell on the negative things in her life that day, but to focus on the positive! A great lesson for us all! If you're tired of reading all about me by this time, feel free to click on the little x at the top right hand corner!! :) BUT, if you are truly my Bloggy Friends like it says on my list in the sidebar here, you'll suffer through this list and read them anyway!! :)

1. It's great to be me because I am married to a good man who is my best friend.

2. It's great to be me because I have 2 wonderful children who are grown and doing well for themselves.

3. It's great to be me because my 2 wonderful children have given me 4 wonderful grandchildren, 2 boys, 2 girls.

4. It's great to be me because all of the above 3 on this list love me, light up my life and keep me feeling young.

5. It's great to be me because Love lifted me.

6. It's great to be me because I finally have the old house I have wanted since I was very young.

7. It's great to be me because I am surrounded by beautiful mountains.

8. It's great to be me because I'm not working right now and I can be a "homebody"!

9. It's great to be me because I have found so many new friends here in Blogland.

10. It's great to be me because I know if I need someone to pray I can count on these friends.

11. It's great to be me because I live in a great country where I still have freedom! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

12. It's great to be me because I live in a small town where people know each other and speak when you pass them on the street.

13. It's great to be me because I have drawings on my refrigerator that were done by my grandchildren. I have a friend who has no children and really never wanted any. But she looks at my refrigerator which is loaded with photos and drawings and says that is one thing she feels she has missed by not having children!! I also have what I call my "treasure box" where I keep the older drawings, little notes from the kids, valentines and special cards. I am so blessed!

14. It's great to be me because I've always been surrounded by music.

15. It's great to be me because I have been blessed enough to list 15 reasons why it's great to be me!!

If you have read (suffered through) my list of 15 and would like to play along, consider yourself tagged!!


Tammy said...

A great post!!!
Love YOU gal!!

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Hope,
"THANK YOU" for doing the Meme. I really enjoyed the 15 things why it's great to be you. "THANK YOU" for sharing them with us. Is it still cold and snowy your way? It is only 33 degrees here right now and another reinforcement of cold air is coming back again tonight. They say we may have another chance at freezing rain on Friday. Uh huh, I'll believe it when I see it. LOL. My DH got home this morning around 1:00a.m. and I didn't get much sleep last night and then I overslept about an hour and a half this morning, so I had been running behind. After I too the girls to school, I came back home and ate my cereal and went back to bed till 11:00a.m. That is when I had to get DH up and let him get ready to head out again. They left around noon. Hopefully if the weather co-operates, they will be back home Friday. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Anonymous said...

Positive post!

Susie Q said...

You ARE a lucky girl and it is good to be all of US too because WE get to know YOU!
This was a special list...
You live in such a beautiful spot in the world. We were stationed in Norfolk for 8 years so got to know all of VA well. Loved it.
I so enjoyed visiting you here and will be back often!

jennifer said...

Hey Hope..I'm here finally! Liked the 15 about you - I'm going to consider myself tagged and do it but I have to think about it first. I felt 'referenced' as a new friend and prayer buddy. You should hear me trying to explain to my husband about these new friendships, how very real they are, and how blessed I feel. He is just so not a girl and can't get it! - Jennifer