Sunday, January 6, 2008


I just received a new blogging award from my dear friend, Grams!! Most of you already know her but if you don't already you really need to visit her blog. Most of you also know how I feel about her from my post yesterday. The originator of this award had this to say about the reason behind her creation: "So here's to all the blogs that you've discovered that you can't possibly live without. They make you laugh, cry, think and feel connected every time you read a post. They give you a thrill as you see them loading into your browser and you get an equally satisfying thrill when you see that they have commented on your blog."

That about says it all. Grams, your blog is one of those places for me where I go to get my daily dose of sunshine, but since you already have the award, just know that I would have given it to you!! Thank you so very much for thinking of me and for always being so kind and uplifting.

I'm going to pass this award along to all my friends whose daily blogs have become such a habit for me that I have to have MY DAILY DOSE: Lib, Karen H., Betty, Peggy, Brenda, Rhonda, Karen, Brandy, Pea, Tammy. I know some of you have already received the award but that's okay. I still want you to know that I too think you deserve it!



Anonymous said...

Thanks sis.. I appreciate it dearly.

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Hope,
"THANK YOU" so very much for this wonderful Award. I am so honored that you chose me to have it. I have to have your Daily Dose as well. Even tho you are always late for coffee, I still have to see what's going on in your neck of the woods. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Tammy said...

My first blogging award of 2008! I'm just so thrilled and honored!
Thank you ever so much and a hearty congratulations to you and all those you chose.

You my friend are a "sweet heart"!!!

Love & Hugs!!!!!!

Karen said...

Oh, that is so sweet! Thank you, Hope! I feel like I've not been a very good blogger these days, so this really is a compliment! I'm honored that you named me with all these sweet ladies.

Brandy said...

Thank you so much for my pretty little award you left me!! I love it! I feel so speacial now! Hmmm, can you tell I like exclamation marks? I didn't want to say anything to you about the news because I wanted you to read it on here! I think it is wonderful (Mary's not to wild about the idea, but oh well). TTYL
love ya!

Lib said...

Hi Hope,
THank you very much!
I feel the same way about you.I come here daily to get my
Have a Great day!Love,hugs, Blessins',Lib

Anonymous said...

I have not seen it. Is it on dvd?
We ont need to blog much we will be on our porches sipping tea. Walking those country roads .Hehe Happy Monday

FarmHouse Style said...

Thank you, Hope, for such a precious award. You are just a thoughtful friend:)

BTW the verse in your Sunday post is my all time favorite!

Have a great day, sweetie!


Lib said...

Hi ,
Me again for my daily
I forgot to tell you I love your new heading.:o)
Love,Hugs,Blessins', Lib

PEA said...

Thank you so much dear Hope for sharing this award with truly does mean a lot to me that you enjoy my blog:-) I love coming to yours as well!! xox