Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My tiara fits...

When I visited Tammy's blog today I was reminded of why I started this blog. This one line from her touched me: Hey, I'm here, and I matter. Please read all that she has to say and you'll understand why I "wear" this tiara proudly:

First and foremost, I had things to say, stories to share...stories passed down to me from my parents and their parents before them...then finally my own stories. After all, I haven't lived 60 years for nothing...I've seen things happen in my time and many changes take place.

For instance, Karen had a post today about Martin Luther King, in honor of Black History Month. When I read it I thought, I was there...I remember. I remember riding the bus to town with my mother when I was about five years old, long before we had a car. I always begged her to sit in the back where the big long seat was and lots of windows where I could peer out at the sights that were all new to me then. She would quietly tell me no every time without explanation and I wasn't allowed to question my mother. It wasn't until I started school and learned to read that I noticed the sign at the back of the bus...COLORED ONLY--NO WHITES ALLOWED! I was there...I remember.

I have this sign at one end of my porch:

sit long talk much

With today's hectic schedules we don't do much sitting and talking anymore. Even families don't communicate like they should. But, my children and grandchildren read my blog and they read my stories. Another important reason to blog!

I also wanted to share bits and pieces of our old farmhouse, the remodeling, the fixin' and more fixin'. This old house may not look like much to some but it was a dream come true to me. It's certainly not perfect by any means and neither am I, and you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way! It's a work in progress and so am I!

So, I started a blog! Then an amazing thing happened. I started meeting friends in Blogland. Through them I met other friends, and on and on...and comments were coming from these new friends. Then comments came from people I didn't know yet, people telling me they were praying for me and my family and our needs at the time. I knew in my heart that these comments were sincere. I looked forward to my daily visits at each friend's blog home. I started looking forward to my comments, knowing each of these people had come here to see what I had to say!

I had to chuckle today when I received this comment from a new friend, J.D.:

"You have so many visitors here, I almost didn't find a place to park.....JD"

Well, J.D., I'll just have to build a bigger parking lot cause I hope to have a lot more company here!!

Hey, I'm here, and I matter. And as most of you already know, I have much to say! Thank you, my precious family and my dear friends, for listening. Thank you, Tammy, for the reminder!


Diane J. said...

I live in the South, so I remember a lot of the tension with integration. There's an old plantation about 8 miles from here that's been left in trust for education. Some of the slave quarters and the "big house" is still standing, and I remember when even more of the slave houses were still there.

We all blog because we have something to say, and it's all important - to us, to our family, and who knows who else might find it interesting and learn from it?

Have a great Wednesday, Hope! ;o)

Love and hugs,


Adrienne said...

Hope, I identify with what you said about the reasons to blog and the friends you have met. I am at the same point in my life and this is just wonderful. To have a place to just be me and friends who enjoy coming to see what I have to say means so much. I will be here often. I'll find a place to park if I have to squeeze in to a little space that's just reserved for me! ~Adrienne~

Nora Lee said...

Hope, I'm glad you always have a space for me to "park" when I stop by to visit. You are usually my first stop every morning :)
I didn't realize how much I had to share and wanted to talk about until I started blogging, and the people you meet are a blessing, thank you for sharing.


Karen H. said...

Good Morning Hope,
I hope you are up and have the coffee ready for us. I really enjoyed your post today. I got my Tiara yesterday as well. We all have a story and it is important to each of us and our Families. I look at it this way, it someone doesn't want to read our stories, they can click on the X at the top of the screen and leave. I loved the part where J.D. said he couldn't find a parking space. I know you will build that parking space alot bigger and I'm so glad I have found a parking space here at your house. I do love the sign at the end of your porch. So very true. Life just gets in the way sometimes and we forget about everyone and even our own Families. It's a shame, but it happens. I'm glad you enjoyed the Black History segment from yesterday's post. I did another one today. Also, when you have time, stop by. I have some things for you on my post today. It is true that we have met many wonderful people here in blogland. I know I can count on my blogging friends for prayers when I need them. Take care my friend and have a great day. I hope you are feeling much better today. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

A Romantic Porch said...

What a wonderful posting today. I love it. xo Rachel

Brandy said...

Hello Hopey, I am coming by to read up on everything new thats going on with everyone, yesterday I was busy posting thank yous to everyone. I have been so busy, but I think things are finally starting to slow down a bit and I am so glad. I love the new table! It is so cute. Your meme isnt "that" wierd. I have heard worse! LOL. I liked the post today. It was really good! I hope all is well with you guys. I love you and will talk to you later.

jennifer said...

Hope, I know that YOU have come to MATTER a lot to ME. It's like having someone out there that you don't see often, but you know they care. And if they heard all was not well with you they would say OH NO! and pray immediately for you. I want to be a "YEA! it's Jen" when my comments come up. But to be a Yea, you have to build a relationship. That's the part of blogging that is so fun (and so hard for Hubby to understand)...It is fun building relationships with people that you could count on for prayer and emotional support (and in your case, technical support as well). I find Blogland phenominal. It is it's own sub culture; streets that you amble down hand in hand with your children or grandchildren. There are sides of town that you come across that are intriguing, but you navigate carefully. There is a corner church where all are welcome and can worship together. There is a local cafe (Whistle Stop) where you can take a refreshing rest. It is community and in community, people matter.

I like this Hope. Very thought provoking! Jennifer

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Yes, you do matter!! And you are doing a great job! Thanks for expanding the parking lot, I found a nice spot, up front!


Tammy said...

I don't even know what to type, just know there are tears at the edges of my eyes.

I'm glad you began a blog. I love to read your posts and relate to a lot that write even though I'm not your age. I think our backgrounds are much the same...

I've not posted today because I'm trying to let my own post sink into myself, it that makes sense or not, I don't know....

I'm so proud that some seem to "get" me and take the ball and run with it!

Love & Huge Hugs to you today...that's all I have to say for now...

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Good job, Hope! Glad you around to visit with :-)


PEA said...

Dearest Hope,

I'm also so very happy that you started blogging and that our paths have you, I am truly amazed at the wonderful friendships I've made. Whatever reason we all started our blogs, it's so heartwarming to be able to share so much of our lives with such loving and caring people. May we never run out of things to say:-) Love you! xoxo

Betty said...

I enjoyed your post so much today, Hope. You just made it all jump right off the page. Are you sure you aren't planning on writing a book? You have such a way with words.

We have really come a long way since those segration days.

Hope, there is one thing I regret leaving off my Heads or Tails post from yesterday and it is this:

I WONDER how in the world did I ever get along without all my friends in Blogland. It didn't occur to me that I should have added this until my post had been up a while and others had already started reading it, but that is a main WONDER I now have. Blogging is so time consuming, but I love it and wouldn't take anything for it.

You are one of my special new found friend in blogland, and I WONDER how I ever got along without your friendship.


Linda said...

Hi Hope, I enjoyed your story and I too have a similar story. I never imagined I would be meeting such interesting, talented, kind hearted's been a joy making friends around the world. Have a happy evening, Linda said...

Hi Hope I am out at Karen's house tonight using her computer!! What a joy this is!! I love it!! It is really hard to use the Wii!
You had a good post today!! Love Grams

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Hope!
I love coming to visit you...I always feel welcome here and love listening to your stories and seeing the wonderful transformation of your cozy home!

Mike Golch said...

Hi Hope,you have by 4 years,no I never lived in the south,I grew up in cleveland,but there were lines that were not crossed back than just as well.I so remember Dr.Kings death as well,I feel it was a shame back than and do so today.It seemes that the best of the men and women,who want to change things are cut down by a COWARDS bullet.
Yes as J.D. Said the parking lot has to be bigger,I made mine larger as well.
Yes you are here and Yes by God Yes you matter!As all of HID creations do,no matter what Color,Religion and Yes for a few of my friends Sexual preferences.
Now If I stepped on some ones toes,well sorry about that.

Lisa said...

I hope you are feeling better.I really enjoyed your post! I count it an honor to be your friend. God is good and he supply's all our needs.He even send us good blogger friends. I love you house.Take care. Lisa

Susie Q said...

I so loved Tammy's post and now, reading your wonderful one. You DO matter, you ARE special and I so love that you have your blog.

Thank you dear heart!!!


Renie Burghardt said...

Beautiful post, Hope. Thank you for sharing your life, your heart, and your caring spirit.



Betty said...

I already left a comment here, but I forgot to add:


A Romantic Porch said...

OH shucks, I just left you a huge long post, and it didn't click in. Email me sometime. xo Rachel