Friday, January 4, 2008

Collections, collections...

Let's see...I think I met Tiff @ Folded Gingham about 30 years not really, but at least a year ago...we'll say that since I suffer from CRS!! I don't remember what route I took to find her either but I can tell you that I fell in love with her blog immediately and loved her style. The more I read and the more pictures she shared, the more I saw that we had so much of the same tastes in our collections. One in particular caught my eye. She had a lot of old red handled utensils which she had displayed in an old juicer and had them on an old hoosier cabinet. I had a bunch of the utensils and had wanted to figure out a cute way to display them together. I emailed Tiff and commented on how neat that was and if she didn't mind I wanted to copy her idea!! If you go here and enlarge the picture of the hoosier you will see it. Being the sweet girl that she is, she didn't mind at all!! :)

Then one day she had a giveaway on her blog. I was so excited and immediately left a comment and I WON!! The prize was a little quilt and a little bird, both handmade by Tiff. These are my prizes that I will always treasure:

Tiff quilt

Then yesterday she blogged about her enamelware collection and had displayed some of it on a hutch. She also informed me that she has more to show!! Well, not to be outdone, I have to show you my little collection too.

enamelware collection

I love the red and white. Notice the little green pan? You can also see that one hanging on the backsplash in my header picture. I think that one is my favorite because I'd never seen a green one before. If you don't already know, green is my favorite color!! I also think this little black and white double boiler is so cute:

double boiler

I also noticed that Tiff had several chamber pots in her collection. At least I think they are. Forgive me, Tiff, if they are bean pots instead! Tomato...tomahto.. lol You never know!! :)
Anyway here's mine:

chamber pot

Now here's where I think I'm one up on Tiff....I actually used one of these when I was young. That's right, in the cold winter I parked my little butt down on that cold enamel many, many nights. Hey, it sure beat going outside and down the path to one of these:


Anyway, if you haven't visited Tiff be sure to go over today. Tell her Hope sent you. She's a very busy girl with a big family--SIX beautiful children! She is also very crafty and is always rearranging things in her home. :) It makes me tired sometimes just visiting her and seeing all that she does in a day's time! (And while you're there, take notes on all the cute little displays she has so you can come back and give me some more ideas that I can copy!!)


Lib said...

Hi Hope,
I collect those items too. NOw this is scarey, did we get sepreated at birth?lol
I have a chamber pot too, and I used one growing up
Red is getting harder to find here I have alot of black. I have a set of Cooking pots I use.
Hope you're having a Great Day!
Love,Hugs,Blessins', LIb

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Hope,
Wow, I must say you have an Antique of Collections there. I love those bowls with the red around them. I don't have any, but I do think my Mom has some in her attic. I think she even has a Coffee Pot or Tea Pot, whatever they called it back then. I also think she has one of them, what she called slop jars, as well. LOL. "THANK YOU" for sharing your Collections with us. Green is my favorite color as well. I have been busy online trying to get some information on DH'S Laptop. It is still under warranty and it needs to be fixed before it expires. I finally got some information after about 3 hours of being online and then having to find my receipt. LOL. Hubby is on his way home and will be home tonight. They will have to leave out sometime tomorrow going to Canada tho. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H. said...

I have used the chamber pot when little too!! All these things took me back a day or two!!!! Thanks for sharing these!! what fun! Love and hugs Grams

Tammy said...

I love to look at people's collections!

Yours is very nice!

Isn't it wonderful to win a blog prize?!

I laughed out loud at the outhouse! I've got a facination with them. There for a while I posted a lot about!

Have a great day!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I am not coming to eat until y'all decide the difference between a bean pot and a chamber pot~ that could be dangerous!
Love your collection =D

Betty said...

OMG, Hope, you and I have so much in common. You will think I'm making some of this stuff up, but I promise I'm not!

First of all, I have CRS too, but I don't think this is a rare thing, do you? roflmbo

I have an enamel pan just like your's - it's the one with all the green, red and yellow on it. It was my Mom's, and I'm sure it is real old. It sat on top of her refrigerator for as long as I can remember.

Like you, my favorite color is green.

The chamber pot in your picture looks like a slop jar to me, tee hee, know what I mean, Vern? I used these too when I was a child.

Hope, you had mentioned something about my email address. If you want it, let me know, and I'll make sure you get it.

I got a late start posting today. Hope you will find time to visit.


Karen said...

Hi Hope,
I also am a big fan of enamelware. I don't have near the collection that you do, though! I visited your link, and really enjoyed her pictures too. Thanks for sharing it!
Have a great week-end!

Peggy said...

I will have to show off my enamelware, red handled kitchen tools and hoosier cabinet. think we might be related?? LOL thanks for sharing a new blog for me to visit!

Tiff said...

Lovely Hope,
If you could see my face, it must be 3 shades of red from blushing and has the biggest smile on it right now. This post is the sweetest thing anyone has every said/written about me. Thank you!

I thought the ones with lids were diaper pails! And the the shallower open top ones with side handles were the "pee pots" as my hubby calls them. You know, those made great candle holders for those huge 3 wick candles. I do drawn the line at collecting the men's urinals though,lol! You do have me, I've never used one :)

Funny you mentioned the kitchen utensils, I will have to show you my updated collection. My neighbor gave me about 15 more red and green ones, I was in shock, but she just didn't want them anymore and I was more than happy to recieve them.

Again, I wish we lived closer to each other, although, then we would be scavenging for the same stuff!!!

Thank you so much for the sweet post, what a wonderful way for me to start the new year.


Anonymous said...

love yur things. I know what you mean about crying. I did at bootcamp. What am i saying my eyes still stay swole.Is that bottom pic my home you found?

Betty said...

Hope, my email address is:

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed looking at my Mom's ring and reading the story behind it.

Betty said...

I forgot to answer your question. I know how to put a picture on my heading. I just haven't found the right picture yet. I'm working on it, tee hee!

Thank you again so much for showing me how to do that.

jennifer said...

This may make you cry for the waste of the dishpans, but I look for them and transplant my 'hens and chicks' plants in them. My grandmother had hers in enamel ware pans and when she passed away, I got them! So now, as they grow and spread, I look for the dish pans to use as flower pots. - Jennifer