Saturday, January 26, 2008

An Award!!


I received this award today from Rhonda at FarmHouse Style. Now most of you know me by now and you have to know there's a funny story here!! Let me explain:

I woke up (not really awake yet) this morning (well, almost afternoon) and made coffee, stumbled to my computer, still half asleep, and checked my email. There was a comment from Rhonda telling me that she had a little something for me at her blog and to stop by. So I go (stumbling) over there to see, still in my morning stupor and what's the first thing I see?? A big plate of food!! Meatloaf!! What I thought was, "Oh she has taken a picture of her wonderful meal and wanted to tempt me with it!" You may remember my post about my country supper and how I was craving me some meatloaf?? Well, she had found a new recipe that she shared and I have to try!

Then I read on down her post and realized she was giving me an award instead of meatloaf!! Ok, so finally I get it! I was thrilled to get this award. Then I started to wonder why Rhonda thought I had integrity! You know how sometimes when you stare at a word a long time it looks odd to you and you start to wonder if you really know what it means? Well, maybe YOU don't but I tend to be a little anal sometimes! I've always had a fairly good vocabulary even though I don't use these big words much, being a Hillbilly and all. Anyway I decided to look this word up and see exactly what the definition was.

The first definition was:
1 : firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values
Ok, I'm pretty firm about my morals...artistic..I'm not so sure.

Next was:
2 : an unimpaired condition
I'd say that definitely leaves me out! I am SO impaired, especially in the morning. (Now that I look at the word impaired I wonder exactly what it means! hummm)

3 : the quality or state of being complete or undivided
I'm not sure...depends on what time of day it is! :)

synonyms see honesty
Now that I can relate to! Even though I have in the past told some whopping stories, I now try to always be honest. Besides, I was being honest when I confessed to you that I wasn't always honest!! See how much that word applies to me! And..see how strange that word honest looks after you look at it a long time? I have to stop this!! It's driving me nuts!

I want to thank you, Rhonda, for giving me this award and I'm so sorry for analizing it to death! (HONESTLY, I needed something to blog about today!) I really do appreciate it and am humbled that you think I have integrity! I so want to have it!!

If you haven't visited Rhonda, you must! She is a wonderful, good ole, country girl! I found her one day on somebody's blog (can't remember), and her blog name, FarmHouse Style, caught my eye. I found we had a lot in common, namely old farmhouses,children and now meatloaf!! She also drives a truck named Ole Bessie that makes me green with envy!! Go on over and say "Howdy". You'll be so happy you did!!

I know so many ladies in Blogland who have integrity and the more I get to know you all the more I see your good qualities. I had the pleasure last night of talking to Betty, from Betty's This and That, personally on the phone. We had a great conversation and got to know each other a little better. She is genuine, real! I like that. And such a sweet, soft voice too! A true southern lady! AND she has integrity!! I want to pass this award on to her! Please take time to visit Betty and get to know her and you'll see what I mean!


Lib said...

HI Miz.Hope,
JUst got back from your neck of the woods. You know somebody has to come up there once in awhile to make sure your
Congrats on your award.
I enjoyed the meatloaf story
It sure was cold up your way. No sunshine, do ya'll have to pipe sunshine in? lol
I hope you have agreat wkend.

Betty said...

Congratulations on your award. You are so deserving of it, and thank you for passing it on to me and thinking of me in that way.

I so enjoyed talking to you last night. We had a lot to talk about, didn't we? I appreciate you referring to my voice as sweet and soft. I've never had anyone describe my voice like that. They always say I have a deep Southern drawl. I have even been called the Tennessee Twanger.

Tammy said...

Congratulations on your award, and on your disecting the word integrity for us...LOL!
You are a hoot!
I hope you are having an awesome day!

FarmHouse Style said...

LOL!!! You are too funny! If you want to come over, I will gladly share some meatloaf with you, I have leftovers...we could make sandwiches:)

You are very welcome for the award. In deciding to give it to you, I did not take past transgressions into account;)

Hope you are having a great weekend!


jennifer said...

Congratulations. You absolutely deserve this! I visited Rhonda and Betty I like their sites too. Talk to you soon - Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much and congrats on the award. said...

Hi I have another award for you!!The You Cheer Me Up award and take the one I gave everyone the You make my Day award. Your award is at the bottom of my post so scroll on down... Love and Hugs Grams

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Hope! Congrats on your two awards! You are such a sweety! I love the little apple curser you have on your blog.

Karla said...

I love posts that tell a story! I always enjoying visiting your blog. Have a great Sunday!