Monday, December 3, 2007


According to the dictionary, the word simplify means "to make simple or simpler: streamline". I visited Lib's blog this morning and saw her little simplify pillow. So cute. I was reminded of a conversation my daughter and I had when she saw my Simplify sign. She laughed when she saw it in my home. Imagine!! To her it means streamline...less stuff and clutter. To me it means getting back to the basics of life, to a much simpler time without all the hassles and stress that comes with living in this modern day time.

Maybe it's my way of justifying all the clutter I have?? :)

What do you think of when you see the Simplify signs?


Lib said...

I'm with you on this one.Lol
I do believe in Simple ,but also I thinks we we dec. our home and surround ourselves with things we Love we are happier, and tend to keep a cleaner home. Now, tell me is that my excuse for all I have?lol I like your sign:o)
I really am happy in this season of life, I don't have little ones to pick up afterand I have kinda a cleaning schedule "KINDA??"lol I do like neat and in order never spotless here. My sister goes with a cleaning rag or broom or mop etc. in her hand all the time , I kid her, she was born with cleaning supplies in her hand and I think she got mine
I try to do my cleaning early in the day ,then I have the rest of the day to play.
Hope you have a Great week.
Blessins'm Lib

Miss Rhea said...

Cute Blog !! Your home is so homey and comfy looking, I love it, and your porch is so welcoming. :)

FarmHouse Style said...

To me, simplify means to focus on the things that are most, friends, health, and happiness. Letting go of all the "clutter" that life can throw at you.

Love the sign:)