Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kids say the darndest things..

I was visiting yesterday with Judy over at Anybody Home and reading her post on visiting her mother at the nursing home. I left her a comment about how children and old people are so much alike. It also got me to thinking about an encounter I had with a little "princess" on Halloween.

Back in the spring I decided to make a little arrangement on my old church bench on the front porch:

spring porch bench

Dave had found a little pair of yellow rain boots that he thought my granddaughter could wear, but she has a purple pair (her favorite color) that she loves. And besides, I had just the thing in mind that I wanted to do with these yellow boots!! Somewhere online, maybe a blog but I can't remember, I had seen just one little rain boot with flowers in it. I just thought it looked soooo cute and I decided to do this flower arrangement with both boots! I had some thrifted flowers that I added and put them on my bench. I liked it!

Then Halloween came and I still had this spring display on the bench. I had several little goblins visit that night for candy and I always take time to talk to each one, telling them how scary they are or how much I like their original costume. One little girl in particular made a lasting impression! My doorbell rang (again!) When I opened the door there stood a cute little blond haired princess (around 4 years old) with big blue eyes, dressed in a beautiful white glittery dress with a big smile on her face and her goody bag held out to me. Her daddy had accompanied her but was standing back a ways and letting her do her own talking. I could see he was beaming with pride when he looked at his little girl. Here is the conversation that ensued:

"Trick or Treat!!" "Well, hello there, Little Princess!" I said. It was at this point that she spied the yellow rainboots/ flower pot! "What a beautiful dress you have on!" "Yes, I know!" she replied, still looking at the boots. "And you are such a beautiful Little Princess!" I said. "Yes, I know!" was the reply again, looking at me but still glancing at the boots out of the corner of her eyes. At this point her daddy said, "Tell the lady which princess you are." "I am Princess Fiona." she told me as she twisted from side to side making the glitter sparkle in the light. I said, "But you're not green, and you certainly are more beautiful than Princess Fiona!" "I know!" she said once more very matter-of-factly.

I proceeded to put a big handful of candy in the bag she was holding out to me, but she was all the while looking toward the boots. She started to walk away then just as suddenly stopped and pointed at my masterpiece and exclaimed, "That just looks silly! You're suppose to wear boots in the rain, not put flowers in them!" Her red-faced father who had just minutes ago looked at her with such pride now looked like he wanted to sink through the porch floor and kept saying, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" I was laughing the whole time and saying, "Oh, don't worry about it, I have a granddaughter who's always been very outspoken!!" Then to his little girl he said, "Now you're the silly here. You didn't even say, thank you, to the nice lady." She stopped at the end of the porch and looked back at me with her eyes lowered and said, "I'm sorry, Ma'am. Thank you for my candy!"

As the two of them walked on out the street I could hear her Daddy talking in a low voice to her and her reply, in a very loud voice, was, "I'm sorry, Daddy, but it really did look silly!!" I'm still laughing!!!

Kids and old people...they tend to say exactly what's on their minds!! Who knows, maybe someday when the Little Princess grows up she will learn to appreciate "Shabby Chic" decor! :)

rain boots bouquet sized


Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Hope,
Hey, that's my coffee. LOL. It's about time you posted something. LOL. I love your post today. I love the yellow boots with the flowers in them. That is just beautiful. My oldest daughter had a pair of cowboy boots that my Parents bought her when she was a baby. I still have them. Hmmmm, got any ideas in what to do with them? I wonder if Poinsetta's would look good in them? Girl, you are gonna have to start posting early in the mornings so us 3 can have coffee together. LOL. It has been raining here today and I went back to sleep this morning. I woke back up around 11:30a.m. Since the girls are out for Christmas Break, I don't have to set the alarm to get up and get them up. I do have to set the alarm for hubby. He always calls me at night and let's me know where he is at and he's shutting down for the night. He lets me know what time to call him the next morning to wake him up. I don't mind doing that. He will be home hopefully sometime tomorrow and I won't have to set any alarms till next Wednesday. I won't know how to act not setting no alarms. So, my post's may be later than usual. Kid's say the darndest things don't they? My youngest daughter used to speak her mind when she was smaller. She still does sometimes. It was always so funny. I couldn't let her see me laughing at her tho. She is the comedian in the family. Well, take care my friend and have a great Thursday. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.
I'll save you some coffee next time. LOL

Lib said...

Hi Hope, I see our "WEATHER GIRL" stopped by to see you.Lol What she gets today I get tomorrow.:o)
Another common we share.I too often use shoes for plants. Yes, L
kids and older people share alot of commons.I Love both.
I went with DH today while he worked I had retail therapy .lol I went to Hobby Lobby for more craft supplies .I found another sign. And while in the fabric dept. I had to check the buttons out.I thought about you, and how everyone ask if you have a button. Well , people are starting to say to me .Here's you sign" in reference to Larry the Cable Guy. So I guess I need to read those signs careful before buying or making huh?lol
I Love visiting with you.I know I willalways leave with a refreshing outlook on the day.
Hope you have a great evening.
Blessins', Lib said...

What a adorable post today!! I loved it!! They tell it like it is!! I have large arms cause I am a big lady!! One time the pastor's son looked at my arms while I was sitting by him and he said wow you have BIG arms and his eyes were so big!! I told him Yes I do while giggling!! Love and Hugs Grams

PEA said...

Hello dear Hope:-)

That was such a precious story and yes, you're so right, young children and old people say it like it is! lol Have to love their honesty at times! hehe I have never seen boots used as a planter but now after seeing your arrangement, I LOVE the idea!! Next Spring will find me looking for a pair of little yellow boots! lol Your story reminds me of the video clip that was shown on America's Funniest Videos of that little boy sitting on Santa's knee and telling him "Santa you have bad breath!" lol Out of the mouths of babes!! xoxo said...

I got back from visitng you and you had been over at my blog!! Do you all live near Dollywood! We didn't go there this summer but to Pigeon Forge and spent the night at Gattinburg and then into the Smoky's over to Waynevill NC and then back to Nashville for the night. It is so beautiful in those mountains!! Love and Hugs Grams

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Great story Hope and I adore those yellow rainboots! I'll be thrifting this spring in search of some for my porch bench!

Christie said...

That's a really cute story. I am a florist and kept a cute little pair of those to put an arrangement in, but never did for some reason, then I looked for a little kid who could wear them, and I only found one big old onery boy who kept trying to cram his foot down in them. But like Cinderella's stepsisters, they just wouldn't fit. I think they(the boots) are still around somewhere, and now that I have a cute porch I may use them just like you.