Saturday, December 8, 2007

Happy Birthday, Claire

Ten years ago I received a wonderful early Christmas present named Claire and she has brought much joy to my heart and life. If I could describe my grandaughter, Claire, in one word it would be VIBRANT!

I've already told you here what a good little Mommy she is to Pamela but there is so much more to tell.

This picture speaks volumes about Claire. She can be very feminine and stylish but at the same time she can climb trees with the best of the boys: (Click on picture to enlarge)

Claire sitting in a tree

She is very artistic and sometimes looks as though she is lost in her own thoughts:

Claire lost in thought

She likes to dance on mountaintops...

Claire dancing on mountain

and sometimes in the rain. This time it was at Granny's suggestion because we were having a drought and after a little shower I told her she should do a rain dance so we would get more rain that we so desperately needed. I also love her because she plays my silly games! :)

Claire dancing in rain

Then at other times she can be very mischievious, like when she's trying to drown her brother in the pool :))

Claire drowning Collin

She enjoys clowning around with friends:

Claire with friends

She has the cutest little feet:

Claire's feet

She loves fudgcicles!

Claire eating ice cream

And just trust me when I tell you that she was the most beautiful Magical Winter Wind you would ever want to see:

Claire Magical Winter Wind



Lib said...

Hi Hope,
Happy Birthday to Claire.:o)
Hope she has a Great day!
Hope you have a great weekend.

FarmHouse Style said...

She is beautiful, Hope! I can just feel your love for her in your words:)

Happy Birthday, Claire!!!